Adult Residential Services

Adult Residential Services

Therapeutic Foster Care


Adult Residential Services

Brighter Heights Arizona delivers Behavioral Health Residential Facility (BHRF) treatment services to adults with a quality diagnoses of Severe Mental Illness (SMI).  Patients enrolled in our program receive individualized, trauma-informed services provided by our medical, clinical, nursing and paraprofessional staff in less restrictive treatment settings.


  • Must have obtained a qualifying SMI diagnosis
  • Needs served: Schizophrenia Spectrum disorders; TBI related behavioral challenges; assisted medication administration needs; other SMI qualifying diagnoses
  • May experience challenges with interpersonal relationships, coping, low impulse control or experience of trauma
  • Expresses an interest in a supportive environment for maintenance of sobriety
  • May have experienced suicidal ideations (SI) and self-injurious behaviors (SIB) .

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