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Brighter Heights Arizona provides office and community-based therapeutic services for adults and adolescents, located in Prescott Valley. We have therapeutic foster care homes and adolescent/adult group homes, providing a continuum of care as needed.

At Brighter Heights Arizona, our goal is that every client and family we serve achieves their optimal potential. We are committed to providing high-quality psychiatric/therapeutic office and residential-based treatment with support services in a safe environment to assist our clients in addressing, managing and overcoming serious emotional, psychological and behavioral problems. Brighter Heights has contracts to provide behavioral health care throughout the State of Arizona, utilizing both private insurances, and State/Tribal health agencies in each county. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We can help.

Programs & Services Offered

At Brighter Heights Arizona, our services are provided by Psychiatrists, Masters Degree Therapists, Office Nurses, Psychologists, Professional Foster Parents and Group Home Staff.

  • Intensive outpatient individual, group and family therapy for juveniles with sexually maladaptive behavior
  • Psychological evaluations for court-involved adolescents
  • Psychosexual evaluations
  • Restoration to Counseling (RTC) counseling services
  • Outpatient/office adolescent and adult psychiatric and therapeutic evaluation
  • Outpatient/office psychiatric medication management
  • Outpatient mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • Outpatient individual and family therapy
  • Outpatient autism behavioral expertise management
  • Adolescent sexually maladaptive behavior group homes
  • Adolescent behavioral group homes
  • Adult SMI (State program for serious mental illness) group homes
  • Therapeutic foster care (HCTC)
  • Tele-psychiatry/medicine in Arizona

Typical Mental Health Issues in Office Psychiatry and Therapy:

Anxiety, depression, ADHD through the life span, self harm behavior, aggressive behavior or agitation in young adults, bipolar disorders, autism spectrum and developmental disorders, schizophrenia spectrum disorders, TBI behavioral problems, co-existing medical and behavioral/emotional disorders in collaboration with other physicians, psychological evaluations for diagnostic assistance, school needs and sexualized behavior disorders.

PROFILE of Clients Served

  • People 3 years old (HCTC) and up, 10 years and up for psychiatric/therapeutic treatment
  • Youth and adults with mental health, emotional self-harm, acting out or behavioral difficulties
  • Youth and adults who require psychiatric medication management
  • Youth and adults who require trauma counseling
  • Adolescents who require group home services for maladaptive sexual behaviors
  • Adults who require group home services for severe mental illness
  • Families in crisis
  • Children and adolescents who require therapeutic foster placement

Additional information

Brighter Heights Arizona can provide a wide array of therapeutic and treatment services to those who are in need. We accept a wide array of private insurances and have a large list of AZ State, RBHA and TRBHA contracts for services. For service inquiries and intake information, please feel free to contact us at either our Prescott Valley or Tempe location, or call or email. We look forward to helping.

For additional information or to make a referral, please contact:

Director Residential Services

Brett Cook Phone: 928-772-4131 ext 309

Human resources director

Leslie Foster Phone: 928-772-4131 ext 313

Quality Assurance Director

Joanna Clark Phone: 928-772-4131 ext 302

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